Lombardi Print Giveaway by Connie McFall Clark

I’ve enjoyed Bob Lombardi’s work since I first met him a few years ago during the Boerne Parade of Artists. His beautiful landscapes and especially his amazing florals were my favorites. Because of Bob’s generosity I have a huge orchid print and a wonderful original of sunflowers in a new medium he was creating. 


Earlier this year, Bob created a Facebook page for The Lombard Gallery and started posting photos of his latest abstract pieces. On May 1 he posted photos of four abstracts and asked for comments on which painting was our favorite for a chance to win a canvas mounted Lombardi print hand signed by Bob. He also asked that we ‘Like’ his page and share the post on our Facebook page. I chose my favorite and shared the post on my page. A long-time friend of mine in Houston, Donna Barnes, saw my page and commented on her favorite one, “Innocence Twist #1”. She said, “It reminds me of delicate butterfly wings”. 


On May 8th, Donna got a message from Bob stating that she had won the print of her choice. They started corresponding on logistics and Bob found out she was my friend and she had lost her home in Harvey and was starting over with decorating/furnishing her new home. Donna was thrilled to receive the artwork. Bob was extremely touched that he happened to choose someone who really needed that gorgeous canvas to lift the spirits and decorate a wall that was bare. The Barnes are extremely grateful for Bob’s generosity and Donna is hoping to meet Bob the next time she comes to visit me!


Lombardi was born in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. This beautiful and historic area has become a mecca for artists today. Lombardi’s work, consisting of oils and pastels, sheds light on the tranquility and serenity of nature in the world around us. Using bright, contrasting colors and an extraordinary mixture of textures and floral designs, he paints the world as he sees it, drawing the viewer immediately into a focal point with crisp, precise details. His luminescent use of color creates a sense of movement and light providing a treat for the sense as the world seems to slow down. The range of his fresh, optimistic work can now be experienced online at his website,, where original paintings and beautiful limited edition prints are available. To own a Lombardi is to be the recipient of the artist’s celebratory spirit and inspiration.​


You can visit Bob at Gallery 195 in Boerne or email him at

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